Princess parrot

Alongside Night Parrots these are one of the iconic parrots that bird nerds from all over the world love to chase.

This image of this stunning Princess Parrot was taken from a major breeding aggregation of the birds on what has recently become the Haast Bluff Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) consultation area. They were there in large numbers after a year of high rainfall.”The IPAs will also deliver social and cultural benefits including employment for Indigenous Land and Sea Managers, knowledge transfer between generations, support for language and culture and Indigenous role models for youth.”

Princess parrots are nomadic and live across the Great Sandy Desert, the Great Victoria Desert and the Gibson Desert.

They require large hollow bearing trees (especially Marble Gums) to successfully breed. These trees are a decreasing feature due to hot fires right across their range. I was lucky to be a part of team recording parrot behaviour, nest numbers and feeding sites.

One of the most stunning birds around, they are a listed threatened species.

Words and images by Gareth Catt

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