Meet Sumayah Surprise

My name is Sumayah Surprise. I’m from Bayulu community and my country is in the Great Sandy Desert and I also work for Ngurrara Rangers.

Our job is to look after our country and look after our old people. Take them out on country to see country. And yeah, we do burning on country to keep country clean.

This ranger group is run by Aboriginal people, Aboriginal organisation, and yeah, it’s a lot different compared to other jobs.

I became a ranger to make my grandmother proud and also because Ngurrara is a very tight group; it’s a tight family group. And coming out makes us happy to be around each other; makes us feel proud and happy and we have a lot of fun. Yeah.

It helps us to gain confidence and just to be around like family members as well, makes us confident and strong. Like starting over like a new ranger you build that confidence up.

I’m learning new things every day and it’s good to see people you know learning with me and I’m getting knowledge from older rangers and coordinators, even old people. It makes me feel happy, proud.

Coming out each day is better than staying in town and coming out to see country it not only makes you proud but it makes your family proud and your old people proud.

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