Meet Nyaparu Rose

“I’m Nyaparu Rose and I’m representing Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation.

Our country is so special to us because we’ve got the desert and the sea, the ocean.  So that’s one special thing about it because if we get sick of eating bush tucker from the desert side we can go to the sea side and catch fish and all that.  

So it is very special place, Nyangumarta country, because there’s a history there of our Nyangumarta old people.  They walked around the country there and they ended up at Eighty Mile.  We call it Nyiyamarri Pukurl.  Nyiyamarri Pukurl.  Nyiyamarri means the sand dune and Pukurl mean you’re looking after a country.  

So it’s got beautiful scenery in the area and because like when we go out on country, on the Nyangumarta Highway a lot of the old people are so happy when we take them out on field trip, the rangers. They’re singing and they’ll talk and remember something what they did in that area and then when it’s time to go back they’re very sad.  There’re a lot of emotional things going through their mind and leaving country.  

So that’s why one thing that I like about the ranger is, ranger programme is that it takes everybody back on country – old people, younger people and young school children so it takes everybody back for that healing.

10 Desert Project does a very great job, great work by helping us get back to country.  Just only a couple of weeks’ ago we had the men folks go out on country and we went out as well, the women team with the young female rangers.

So that we had a lot of older ladies there as well, telling stories and naming places – what’s the name of that spring area there and what’s that plant that bush tucker, you know bush food.  And all that kind of thing so it was a really good learning experience.  

They learnt from the older, the elder ladies and it was like lot of bush tucker, like eating that as well.  So it was a good trip and that’s one thing that they enjoyed it because a lot of the old ladies were on the helicopter.

And if it wasn’t for 10 Deserts we wouldn’t have taken our old ladies and the younger ladies and also the men’s team that went out.  We wouldn’t have got back on that country there because it’s a very rugged country and there’s no tracks, no roads.  And the only way you can get there is by the helicopter.  So that was a very, very help from 10 Deserts to the Nyangumarta people, Nyangumarta Warrarn people.”

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