Meet Andrew Minyardie

“My country, my grandfather’s country is through the Great Sandy Desert and into Martu country.

It’s so special, in the history time, people used to walk from there. My grandparents all walked out of the desert into the coast, where we – where I live now.

The Great Sandy Desert, pretty big. It’s a pretty large area, so you can think about the -you know, the impact and how far they really walked and it’s pretty – a long way. Imagine walking by foot, it’d take you days, how many sand dunes you’ve got. Lot of sand dunes. There’s no water there as well, so you’ve got to find the right place.”

The 10 Deserts Project, it’s been helping us – the company I work for, KJ, through the leadership program and funding the leadership programs or the more – we want more leadership, because everyone’s asking for leadership. One way to spreading the news to Indigenous people is through leadership.

Andrew Minyardie is 10 Deserts Project’s Steering Committee Deputy Chair.

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