Meet Alfie Thirkall

My name is Alfie Thirkall and I’m from Fitzroy Crossing. I live in a community called Gooniyandi. Yeah, that’s where I come from. I’m a Walmajarri man. My mother is a Bunuba Gooniyandi. She’s from the other side. But I stick with my father’s side, you know, because he’s Walmajarri.

This ranger mob told me that they were going to my father’s country and that’s why I called to show them the country about where my father came from and how he walk up the land and all that now; that’s why I had to come.

All that part is Billula; that’s where my father used to walk around. He walked from there to see another mob, wanted to meet the people there, another family. And then came this way and then walked with another mob of people from here, another mob; he wanted to meet people, right down to kardiya society, all that you know.

Yeah, we were looking for where the site was but we couldn’t find anything. The main thing was looking around for any evidence, you know like old people were there like when they were sleeping around there and looking for a grinding stone where they would grind seeds and things like that; that was the main evidence you know so we can mark them on the book so we know where it was, you know, like that now.

We made a fire because we found one, find that Jila, and let that, smoke that place ‘cause know that snake that we are there, top of him, you know. So, that’s why we warn them that we are there, and like what Bumbila said, you know, like that now. So, they know that we were there, that snake.

We would miss the country if rangers don’t come out. I don’t know. Country might go mad or something do you reckon, miss us you know. Yeah.

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