Cool burning with the Ngurrara rangers

During isolation of the corona virus, for us rangers, its safer to be out here in the desert away from town.

Edmond Smiler, Ngurrara ranger
Ngurrara rangers and traditional owners on-country

The Ngurrara rangers conducted early season burning on-ground and aerial burning during May and June.

Ngurrara rangers and traditional owners planning on-country burning activities

The Ngurrara rangers, with the support of the 10 Deserts Project and the Kimberley Land Council, travelled to the west of the Canning Stock Route to Crosslands 3 and Well 46 to conduct two weeks of ‘cool season’ prescribed burning.

Ngurrara Rangers have been out doing early season burning, rangers conducted aerial and ground burning and made sure…

Posted by Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The rangers and traditional owners (TOs) were happy to be on-country and the good weather conditions allowed for protective burns in old patches of spinifex.

The rangers used a drone to ground truth Northern Australian Fire Information (NAFI) firescars and get a better idea of fuel loads and vegetation types.

Really impressive to see how the rangers use technology like drones, iPads and GIS mapping together with traditional knowledge and stories to look after country.

Kevin Tromp, Ngurrara rangers country manager

Aerial burning was conducted by the rangers in conjunction with Andrew Morton from the KLC.

Getting ready to take off for aerial burning

While aerial burning was being undertaken rangers and TOs participated in ground burning in the Crosslands 3 and Wili Jila areas.

On-ground prescribed burning

It was a jam packed trip with asset protection burning and clearing of the remote base and toilets and visiting cultural sites. The rangers also made sure they had fun while working hard!

Words and images supplied by Ngurrara rangers and the Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation 

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